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Flexible Spending Accounts
Flexible Spending Accounts including a Debit card

Got the TASC Card? If so, you and your Participants will be pleased that the TASC Card Management page in the Participant Manager in MyTASC (www.tasconline.com.) has a clean, new look and additional functionality! Besides managing their primary TASC Card, your Participants can now issue or reissue a card for their dependents. No more filling out paperwork to request an additional TASC Card—they can do it all online in just seconds. Simply visit the TASC Card Management page to view card status, reissue a card, request a PIN (for MyCash access via an ATM), view allowed benefits, issue dependent cards, and view card history.
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Click here to see how much you can save using our TAX SAVINGS CALCULATOR. Use this calculator to estimate your tax savings by participating in a Cafeteria Plan offered by your employer.
To use the calculator enter in estimated monthly amounts for your salary, insurance premiums, medical expenses and dependent care (if applicable).
Choose the state in which you live to ensure we calculate your savings using the appropriate tax percentage.
Based on the information you provide the calculator will show you how much your take home pay will be with and without participating in FlexSystem.
While our calculator will provide you a snapshot of savings based on your current situation and the estimates you provide, we encourage you to revisit the calculator on a regular basis to check your estimated savings.

TASC FlexSystem Participant Website

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Your Participant ID and Pin # will be assigned to you by Flex$ystem
Flex$ystem Customer Service 1-800-422-4661
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